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How can we help you?

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How can I pay for my featured ad in cash?

You can now pay cash at any of BoB Finance locations across Lebanon. All you have to do is:

1.       Visit the nearest BoB Finance branch. 
2.       Deposit the needed amount in USD or LBP to OLX Lebanon's account, while providing the same mobile number you used on OLX.
3.       Make sure you get your receipt from BoB Finance’s agent.
4.       After one working day, log into your OLX account and use your topped-up wallet credit to purchase the feature you want. 


Where are BOB service agents located?

For further information on the locations and payment process please call 1262 or visit


How long will it take for my payment to be added to my wallet?

Your payment will be added to your wallet within one working day 


Will my wallet balance expire?

Your balance will be valid for 30 days to purchase any of our services.


Will there be any extra charge applied for the cash service?

A $2 service charge fee will be applied to every transaction below $500 


Can I cancel the Featured Ad after activation?

No, the Featured Ad can’t be canceled, you can only delete the Ad itself, however, payment made will not be refunded.


Will, I get a refund if my ad was canceled/moderated by OLX?

Yes, you will get the amount paid refunded to your OLX wallet. You can then use the amount for any new Featured Ad payment within the remaining period. 


What will happen if I paid more than the amount I need for my Featured Ad 

If you paid more than the needed amount to feature your ad, the additional amount will be added to your wallet for future use.


What will happen if I paid less than the amount I need for my Featured Ad?  

If you paid less than the needed amount to feature your ad, you will have to pay the difference in cash at any BoB Finance sub-agent.